I love the I’m a Runner feature in Runner’s World magazine.  It’s interesting to read what led folks to running, their different training regimes and what they love about the sport.  Just ask one question and usually a runner will openly share. 
Even though I’ve been running one and off for about 14 years,  I’ve just recently gotten to a place of comfort in calling myself a runner.  I’d call myself a jogger … but not a runner.   I felt this way because of my pace.  I’m slow.  Always have been and I’m fine with the slow and steady mode.  This year, my pace improved by 2 mins/mile.  Woot Woot!!!   But the shift in pace isn’t the reason I now call myself a runner,  it’s the shift in my mindset.
My primary reason for running was weight and health related.  Important goals, but evidently not important enough to me because I was super sometimey and lazy with it. I’d often dread getting up and out to do a run and any little thing could push the run off my schedule. 
This year, the motivation changed.  I dedicated this activity to God and run as an act of worship and stewardship. God is blessing.  I run much more regularly and instead of dreading my runs, I dread missing a run.
Runs are my time with God.  No phone calls, no emails, no precious children calling my name or tugging on my leg. It’s a special time when I sing about God, talk to Him, listen for Him, and see His power and intelligent design in creation.  Through running, God is teaching me about discipline, endurance, moderation, awareness and gratitude.  I love it!

I’m happy and blessed to say “I’m a runner ya’ll!” 
And I’m excited to help others discover the blessings and benefits that come with getting up, out and moving.

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