“The Stick” is a popular self-massage tool used to aid muscle recovery in Olympic training centers and by many NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams.  Medical and wellness professionals, (physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapist etc), also use/recommend the device.

Basically, it’s a rod with handles on the ends and spindle beads in the middle that roll independently to compress and stretch your muscles.  You place The Stick on your muscle and roll it back and forth.   Roll it lightly – get a light massage.  Apply some pressure and get a great deep tissue massage.
Here’s some medical lingo from their website: The Stick converts non-compliant muscle to compliant muscle by performing what Dr. Travell calls stripping massage.  It is the unassisted rolling, stretching, twisting and compressing of the muscle that diffuses barrier trigger points and converts non-compliant muscle to compliant muscle.
I use my The Stick, (sprinter version), after every long run on my calves to disperse lactic acid and accelerate muscle recovery. Outside of running,  I use it periodically to release stress or trigger points in my neck, shoulders and upper back.  I prefer it over the foam roller, because the use of the handles provide the resistance.  You don’t have to get on the ground to use it.  I’ve used while riding home in the car after a race. 
It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!
To check it out, go to: The Stick

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