If you are often out enjoying the outdoors running, walking, biking, hiking, etc, please please please please please, make sure you have “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) contact information easily available.  In the event of illness or an accident where you can’t speak for yourself, this information speaks for you.
Many people just carry their driver’s license but in my opinion, this is not a good fit. It identifies you, but it does not indicate who to call, medical info or other such details emergencies workers may need.  
There are many better suited options.  For those who like gear – RoadID is very popular.  Their products include wrist bands, sports bands, ankle bands or shoe pouches with a tag engraved with your pertinent medical and contact information.  
For the tech oriented – there’s an app for that.   Search for ICE in your store.  I found ICE apps in the iTunes store, Android Marketplace and Blackberry App World.   
Yet another option is the do-it-yourself ICE contact card. It’s no tech,  flexible and allows for easy updates if medical or contact information changes.  This is what I use.  Click here to download a pdf version or here to download a MS Word version.
To create the ICE card:

  1. Fill out the card.  (pdf version – print and fill out by hand; editable MS Word version – complete electronically and print)
  2. Trim the card down to size.
  3. Fold along the center line and laminate it (optional).  I have a lamination machine, but the small card can be very quickly and inexpensively done at FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot etc.
  4. Now the most important step – put it in your running pack, phone holder, water belt – somewhere that ensures it will be with you on every walk or run.

I hope and pray you never need it, but in the event that you do, it will be a great asset to those trying to help you.

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