A foundational step in changing you comes in the changing of your environment.  Surrounding yourself with people, tools and resources that support your goals is key.  For a fit and healthy body, stocking a fit and healthy kitchen is a relatively easy and tremendously helpful task.

Step 1: Get rid of foods/beverages that challenge your efforts. 

You can’t eat food you don’t have. Be real on this step.   For years a half gallon, (not a pint – a half gallon), of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream was in my freezer.  I love sweets and Blue Bell is a delicious southern tradition.  This stuff is the bomb.  Every bi-weekly shopping trip, I’d pick up a half gallon for company (gotta have a nice sweet on hand to offer guests), or for my family (kids need milk products – right?).  We rarely have company and most of my family is lactose intolerant or they can take or leave ice cream. I’m the one that loves ice cream and I’m the one that would eat the whole half gallon of Blue Bell (a spoon at a time here and there) over that 2 week period – every 2 weeks. I stopped lying to myself and I stopped regular support of Blue Bell Creameries.  Now I only buy it for a la modes on holidays when I know company really is coming.  On the amazingly rare occasion I really want some ice cream, I go out, get and enjoy a single scoop.  

Step 2: Bring in and keep on hand foods/beverages that satisfy, nourish and support the care of your temple.
You can (and probably will) eat foods that are readily available – so make sure the stuff you have on hand is good to you and good for you.  God created an amazing variety of foods for our nutrition and enjoyment. Discovering new foods, different preparations and the impact eating has on health is for many an interesting journey.  Coming from a not so healthy background of soul and fast foods – I’m learning alot and enjoying the endeavor. 

In a series of upcoming posts (blog and youtube videos), I’ll share changes made in my kitchen to support health and fitness.  The first video below lists 5 things that are always in my freezer (instead of the Blue Bell). 

Check back regularly for more info on staples, specialty food finds, tools and cooking preparations that bring results for me.   And please share your favorites and must haves.
God bless,

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