I <3 Al Roker. He’s smart, candid, likeable and witty as all get out.   Those traits shine in his book Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-loss Battle for Good.  
I picked it up yesterday in Barnes and Noble, (along with a half dozen other health and diet books), for a quick flip thru while my kids were playing in the children’s section.  30 minutes later, I was still in the book, relating to and agreeing with much of what he shared about his journey – and giggling at the bits of TMI sprinkled throughout.  It’s a quick read with good information.  I think it is also a needed mirror and call to action particularly for men who often don’t fully consider the impact weight, poor eating and inactivity has on them personally and their families.  He encourages an honest look at yourself and an informed and appropriate action plan. The importance of consistency, clean eating, exercise and family support is also emphasized. The book ends with a collection of clean recipes created by his trainer (I love recipes).   Thumbs up on this one.

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