Have you tried a Honeycrisp apple?  Many say it is the best fresh-eating variety apple ever.  Maybe, maybe not.  But they are scrumptious and I <3 them.

In 1960, the University of Minnesota Apple Breeding Program created the Honeycrisp by crossing the crisp, juicy and sweetly tart Macoun with the sweet and hardy Honeygold.  After 3 decades of work, in 1991, the variety was introduced to market.  Jim Luby of the University of Minnesota says it is “… the best, most exciting apple we’ve ever introduced.” Honeycrisps are explosively crisp and juicy, sweet and slightly tart at the same time.

Best eaten raw, lately I find myself slicing and serving them to my family every day. Either cut up on top of oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, alongside a sandwich or on a fresh fruit plate for lunch, or standing deliciously alone as a snack.  Producers report the apples are also great for cooking. (Haven’t tried that yet.)

According to the University of Minnesota Extention, Honeycrisps have an excellent storage life maintaining outstanding flavor and texture for at least six months in refrigerated storage. Local grocers and fruit stands have them now. With this level or hardiness, I hope they will be available for months to come.
If you haven’t had one, check em out and let me know what you think.

A bit more about apples

I’m sure we have all heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away..”  Here are some detailed health benefits. Apples:

  • Reduce cholesterol (due to the fiber and pectin)

  • Prevent high blood pressure (due to the potassium)

  • Can help hold off Alzheimers (due to brain cell protecting antioxidant quercetin)

  • Protect your heart (by slowing the oxidation involved in the build up of plaque)

  • Can reduce the risk of asthma (flavanoids and phenolic acids, help calm inflammation in the airways)

  • Can protect bones from osteoporosis (due to flavanoid phloridzin)

 Crunch away!

References: The University of Minnesota Extention, Reader’s Digest and www.honeycrisp.org
Photo: exploitsofaveganwannabe.com

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