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The growing trend of pole dancing ‘for fitness’ has made its way down to our area.  It has been touted as a way to “broaden your horizons” or “help women of all shapes and sizes to safely and effectively gain confidence and meet fitness and life goals”  or  “a great way to improve your physical and mental health”.  Really?   
I find the excitement/interest and the devotees to these classes surprising.  

Several people have asked my view about pole dancing for fitness… here’s how I see it, and I would love to hear your view as well. 
Chris Rock  says one of his life goals as a father is to keep his daughters off the pole. Chris calls a spade a spade. We can try to spin it (no pun intended) however we want, but his joke is funny because he hits it – women spinning around a pole has a distasteful, disrespectful connotation. 

 I see this exercise trend as another successful example of the world’s ability to make the abnormal seem normal. This exercise form mimics the actions of  people who misuse sexuality for financial gain.  For members of the body of Christ, who realize their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and seek to glorify God in all they do (including health and fitness efforts) – I simply do not see how this can be a fit…even if it works your core.
Love to hear your thoughts?

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