Inspired by this cute style on Raven R, (natural hair vlogger swankstylista – her hair is fabulous!),  I’m embracing the bun.  (I’m a puff girl). The bun is easy to do, works well when my hair want to do it’s own thing and needs taming, and most importantly  it provides the ends more protection from the elements.

The style takes just 4 tools/products: water, leave in conditioner, smoothing pomade and a scrunchie.

Start with dry, stretched hair. This style is perfect for those last few days before a needed cowash, when wearing it loose would not be pretty.

Next moisturize the hair – especially the ends.

I use plain water and seal it with a leave in.  My favorites – Naptural85’s daily shea butter cream recipe or KimMayTube’s  homemade leave in conditioner recipe.  Today, I had neither mixed, so I used Giovanni’s Direct Leave In Conditioner. I like thier natural line of products.  You can get it at Ulta, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Wholefoods etc.

Gather your hair to the top of your head and put the scrunchie on to hold it place.

Smooth the edges.

I  usually use Naptural85’s thick shea butter cream. Again, did not have it made, so I applied a product I use on my daughter’s hair – Carol’s Daughter Kizzi Stay Put Hair Pomade.  It is light, smells wonderful and has a lovely oil content that helps the hair lay down. I smooth it with my hands. Stiff brushes can thin the hairline. For slick look, double the scrunchie to tighten the high pony tail and tie a satin scarf around the hairline.  Leave the scarf on 15-20 mins or so.  I did the looser version today.

BTW: Naturals – be careful with those gels that make your hair hard and stiff.  They dry out the hair and for natural tresses – moisture is key.

Lastly, gather the loose hair, roll it back and tuck the ends under the scrunchie band in the back.

That’s it. No sponges, rolled up socks (remember that bun trick?), other stuffing or hair pins needed  for a loose version of this style.

The bun typically stays put all day. Here is a version where the bun is lower, tighter and has a few pins in for a neater look.

Give this really easy semi protective style a try.

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