I’ve been struggling with running since January.  Thank God, no muscular/skeletal issues.  Just horrible allergies, bronchitis and sinus infections sitting me down.  I’ve skipped several races I was registered for, and today’s 5k was looking like a no show as well.   

Feeling poorly since last Thursday, I overslept this morning (on purpose).  During devotion, my thoughts went to a Deaconess at my church, whose sister-in-law passed yesterday after a 7 year battle with cancer.  Our church member shared how the doctors wrote her sister-in-law off years ago, but she fought, stayed faithful, had some good times and now she was at rest.  In praying for that family, my perspective got checked.  As bad as I have been feeling, I am blessed with health and strength. Things can always be worse.  Shamed, I got up, put on my big girls pants, (actually big girl compression shorts),  grabbed my garmin, gatorade, some medication and hit the road to downtown Baton Rouge.  On the way, I remembered that this morning’s race benefits the fight against cancer. Coughing, blowing and snorting  – I thanked God for this opportunity.

Arriving late, the 1 mile fun run was underway and the first thing I saw was so cute it made me squeal.  It was a mom pushing an empty stroller with a little bitty pink cutie patootie, (with nook in her mouth), running ahead of her.   The mom said her daughter, who was not even 22 months, told her “no ride Mama, run”.  Precious. Precious. Precious!

Ready to go!

I also saw the husband and children of one of my running buddies, Sydney B., kicking it to the finish.  Get it! Get it!

Run for the Children is a small, family friendly event put on by a young woman, Gina Pentas, who volunteered at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and wanted to do something to raise awareness and money for the hospital.  This is their 5th year.  I participated last year and will keep coming back to support. 

Thankfully, there was 20 minutes until the start of the 5k. I checked in and got ready to run.  The weather was sunny and slightly cool – absolutely gorgeous.  The course did a loop including downtown and the State Capital. I finished in 27:29, (the course was short), without any significant respiratory issues.  Thank You God!

At the finish, one of the volunteers gave congrats and a sincere thank you for supporting the cause.  There was live music and kids were playing in the water feature in courtyard.  For refreshment, there was water, orange juice, chocolate milk and sports drinks.  Capital City produce provided a nice fruit spread and the Journey Church served a cajun pasta dish. 

Mary W.

Before leaving, I ran into Mary W., a colleague from my time with Weight Watchers many years ago. I was impressed with Mary then and continue to be.  She’s a strong runner, marathoner and triathlete.  Very  encouraging and inspiring.  I’ve been wishy-washy about tackling a Rocketchix event.  Mary shared her experience and said “Rocketchix is like Girls on the Run – for Women”.  That sealed it.  I’m in.  Thanks Mary!

I’ve missed running races.  You never know what you will get from the experience.

After soooooo not wanted to go this morning, I’m sooooooo glad I did.  

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