I’m committed to healthy eating,  but I also embrace moderation and every once in a while,  I indulge the desire to eat at an establishment with bars on the windows and chitterlings on the menu.  Good old fashioned down home cooking as good, (or better), than that which I can make at home.  That is what our family enjoyed on the last full day of our vacation in Orlando at Oley’s Kitchen and Smokehouse.

We found this spot through restaurants.com, had printed the online menu and were drawn by the smokehouse items – specifically ribs.   After a soggy morning atDisney Hollywood Studios, (thanks Tropical Storm Andrea!), we decided to take a few hour break to dry off, eat and rest.  I called in a pick up order… or tried to.  Will wanted ribs.  They were out. The chicken on the kids menu – no longer offered.   This went on for a few more items.   I was a bit concerned – but we were on the way and pressed on.
We settled upon:  Fried catfish plate for Will, a kid’s shrimp meal for Etana, a smothered pork chop plate for Jabari, a jerk chicken salad for me and a piece of lemon cake for us all to split (they were out of the peach cobbler).   The plates came with 3 sides so also on our order was potato salad, collard greens, baked beans, smashed potatoes, rice and gravy, green beans, black eyed peas, cornbread and fries – whew! 

The plates were packed to go as ordered, but we decided to eat in.  When the food arrived and the boxes were opened  – good googly moo!  Sorry no pictures because we eagerly said grace and dug in. By the time I thought to snap a picture, the plates were not so pretty.  EVERYTHING was SCRUMPTIOUS! True to southern cooking form, the protein portions were huge, (i.e. 2 big catfish fillets, 2 honkin thick pork chops etc) and the vegetables, (greens, green beans, black eyed peas), were appropriately portioned.  I wish the serving sizing was swapped such that the veges were super-sized.   The collard greens – tasted like they came fresh out the garden.  The pork chops – fall off the bone tender.  The catfish – fresh, not overly seasoned, slightly crispy outside and moist on the inside.  My salad was a huge bed of lettuce with julienne carrots, sliced tomatoes, red and green bell peppers – topped with a hearty serving of the best jerk chicken I’ve had in over a decade.  It was so well spiced and moist – no dressing was needed.

We had enough food to more than satisfy us all for lunch and a full dinner.   We took the rest back to the condo not just because there was so much left, we were looking forward to continuing the meal later on.  Oh – and all this was 44 bucks. 

In Orlando –  check this place out.  BBQ, Soul Food and Caribbean Food – all done like it was cooked by someone’s Big Mamma.   Loved it!

Oley’s Kitchen & Smokehouse Restaurant and Catering Orlando Florida.
Specializing in Soul Food and Caribbean Entrees.
2700 South Rio Grand Avenue – Orlando, Florida 32805 – Phone: 407.422.7288 – Fax: 407.422.7722

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