Homemade Honey Mustard with salmon salad
Homemade homemade honey mustard with a yummy salmon salad

For a long time we played “guess the expiration date” with condiments as I enjoy a variety of dressings/sauces and at any given time, there were about a dozen open bottles of dressings in the fridge.  (Many of which would go bad before we’d finish the bottle. Really old salad dressing is really bad.)  Food Network programs showed it is super easy to make dressings using items you probably have on hand.  It is more economical, you control the ingredients, the flavors pop with freshness, and your dressings don’t have/need the extra added preservatives to make them shelf stable.

Here’s a quick map for my homemade honey mustard that can be used as a dressing, spread and dip. (Measurements are approximations…)
ingredients for homemade honey mustard
Just a few simple ingredients
  1. For a creamy base, start with a bit of light mayonnaise (we don’t mess with the fat free stuff).  For a single serving of salad dressing, I use less than a teaspoon.
  2. For flavor, squeeze in some of your favorite mustard(s).  In this case I used ~1 tablespoon dijon and for some kick, about half that amount of creole mustard.

  3. For sweetness, add some honey(I used about 1 tablespoon).
  4. For needed acidity and to thin the mixture out, add fresh lemon juice (please from a lemon – not from a bottle or lemon shaped plastic container… it’s just not the same).   I used the juice of half a lemon.

Give it a stir, a taste, and adjust to fit your liking and planned use.  
homemade honey mustard dressing

To adjust flavor, alter the honey and mustard amounts.  Adjust the mayo and lemon juice to affect the thickness.  For example, this mixture was for a salad so I went light with the mayo.  For a spread or dip, I’d use more mayo and less lemon juice.

That’s it. Fast, easy and good.

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