Q:What’s the best form of aerobic exercise?
A: Any form of steady exercise will be effective, in health terms, provided that it uses large muscle groups and can be sustained over time, preferably 30 to 45 minutes. Cross-country skiing and moderate-to-fast cycling are the most aerobically demanding sports, followed by running, swimming, aerobic dance and, finally, walking.

Types of cardiovascular exercise
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These are the ‘best’ aerobic exercise forms in general – but what is the best for you? 
Consider many factors: your past experience, injury history, current level of health and fitness, body composition, medical recommendations and precautions, available time and resources, fitness personality and most importantly your personal preferences.  A little digging can help you find what fitness expert Chalene Johnson calls your “Soul Mate Workout” – an activity that is a perfect match for you.  One that you look forward to doing because it just as good to you as it is good for you.  This is so important, because the bottom line for effectiveness with any exercise plan is that you can and will do it regularly. 

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Reference: Aetna Smart Source with medical information reviewed by faculty of Harvard Medical School

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