I’m a bag lady.  I don’t know if this started with the children, or if it is a hangover from my days working in the field – but I always, always have a lot of stuff.  I also have a thing for organizing, so clever products that help me organize AND carry my abundance of things make me do the Hercules clap.

Check this one out.  The GoStak.  

Aren’t they pretty! Their tagline is Grab It. Fill It. Go With It. (IKR!!!!) 

GoStak is a versatile system to carry snacks and small items.  Basically, it is a collection of durable jars that securely close and twist together. The containers are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, stain and odor resistant, BPA and phthalate free.  The jars are all 2 1/4” in diameter but they come in different capacities and colored caps. 

It’s a cute and convenient way to carry all kinds of stuff.  You can use them for vitamins, pills, Shakeology or powdered drink mix.  They are great for portion controlled snacks like chopped fruits & veges, nuts or trail mixes. And because of the Twist & Lock tops, even potentially messy items like salad dressings or condiments are securely stacked and stored together in one place.  (Bye bye smushed snacks and baggies of protein powder.)

Of course, you can also use them for small non food related items like hair accessories or…. (all the uses that come to my mind are food related).  

GoStak comes from the makers of the BlenderBottle, so they fit inside your BlenderBottle Classic™  or SportMixer.  

For more info or to order, go to GoStak and here’s a promo code: use FITFL10 to save 10% off any BlenderBottle product from their website. (The promo code is good thru October 16th, 2013).

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