The mission of Rocketkidz Foundation (RKF) is to create and sustain active, fit and healthy children, families and communities through programming, advocacy and education.  RKF annually holds 7 fitness related events and their supported programs include Girls on the Run, Wheels to Succeed, Crawfish Aquatics Inner City Swim Program,  Healthy Heroes 2nd Grade Program and LetMeRun Youth running.  Donations to RKF go to programs and events that give people a chance to do something they need to do – be healthier. 

I learned about the RKF’s outreach via participation at one of their events, the Rocketchix Triathlon. It was my first triathlon and a truly amazing experience thanks to RKF’s organization, care, support and great people.  

To commemorate my first triathlon, this Tell It Tee shirt was created.

Image Swim Bike Run Shirt at TellItTee.Com

To give back to the folks that made that experience so special, and more importantly, to help garner support for their impactful work, a promo code/offer has been created.

For every Swim Bike Run like a Woman shirt sold, Tell It Tee will donate $5 to the RKF and the person purchasing the shirt gets 15% off.
To order, go to http://tellittee.com/products/swim-bike-run-like-a-womanand use Promo Code 5RCHX15
For more information about the RocketKidz Foundation, go to 

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