Many Americans list Thanksgiving as one of their favorite days of the year. It kicks off holiday mode big time with family, friends, and an abundance of football, shopping and food. 
If this joyous time throws a wrench in your health and fitness stride – that doesn’t have to be. Check out these simple steps to enjoy the holiday and all it brings, while remaining true to good physical stewardship.

Speaking of tradition – here is one of my favorites.
This beautiful woman is my Momma.

And the dessert in this picture is my Momma’s Egg Custard Pie.
Pumpkin or sweet potato pie is customary for Thanksgiving, but I luv my Momma’s Egg Custard Pie so much, I make it every holiday.   It’s easy to make, slightly buttery, lightly sweet and ultra smooth. So, so good. 

Momma is one of those don’t-need-a-recipe cooks, so she gave me a guideline for the pie. After many attempts and a few adjustments I’ve got it down. I reduced the amount of butter, sugar and replaced whole and pet milk with skim milk. This brings down the fat and calories a bit – but it still tastes like Momma’s. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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