Healthy Habit – Drinking Water
Healthy Habit Helper:  Large Jug

Our bodies are 60% water. Every system needs it to function and drinking enough water daily has many health benefits.

This week brought my spring allergy and sinus beat down, so I upped the focus on staying well hydrated. This large portable water jug greatly helped my intake.  The bottle (called H2O on the Go – $4 at Walmart) has a convenient sports top, it’s BPA free, easy to clean and holds my water quota for the day. (In this case 2.2L/74.4 oz – the Institute of Medicine’s adequate intake recommendation for women.)  

In the morning, I fill it with filtered water, throw in some ice and some fresh mintand I’m good to go for sip sip sipping throughout the day.  Using a container that holds your daily requirement saves time and effort vs. counting, filling and refilling and refilling a glass or smaller water bottle. The visual of the level going down during the day can be motivating (if you’re a half empty kinda person). It also saves money and is better for the environment over multiple disposable bottles.  Plus there is something serious about turning up a big jug. 

Downsides –  this particular jug sweats and if most of your day is spent with others in a corporate setting, swigging from a jug may not be a fit…

About Healthy Habit Helpers:  One of the best ways to replace a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. This is often easier said than done. It seems that many unhealthy habits are automatic, they were formed without conscious thought and are hard to stop.  Healthy habits sometimes feel like the polar opposite – meaning they take a lot of focus to start and are easy to let fall by the wayside. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can flip this script.

Healthy habit helpers are simple tips, tricks, products or services that make a healthy habit easier, repeatable and hopefully enjoyable.  I’ll try to share one that helps me each week and please chime in with what works for you.

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