Proper rest and recovery is essential to get the most from your training program.  It facilitates tissue repair, the development of strength and gets the body ready for your next training session. Experts recommend a variety of methods to accomplish proper recovery.  Important elements include:
  • Adequate re-hydration – Replacing fluids lost during exercise counteracts ill effects of dehydration and helps support nutrient transfer and the metabolic functions of recovery.
  • Proper nutrition – A good workout depletes energy stores that need to be refueled to power recovery.  It is recommended that a quality mix of complex carbohydrates and protein, in a 4:1 ratio, be consumed 30-60 mins after exercise.
  • Stretching – A good post exercise stretching routine elongates contracted muscles, helps circulation and the removal of waste products. It is also helps relax the muscles and can prevent/reduce soreness.
  • Icing– (boo) Fights inflammation.
  • Rest – rest is a gift!  Wonderful repair and building of energy, immunity, strength and endurance happens during our downtime.

I know how important these steps are for me, but too often they get cheated – particularly, when I am
pressed for time. Wanting to step up and be more consistent with recovery efforts, I jumped at the opportunity to review Vega Sports Recovery Accelerator formula.  

From their site:

VegaSport Recovery Accelerator ImageRecovery Accelerator is the first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically developed to address all six key elements of post-workout recovery: muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis, hormonal support, soft-tissue repair, immune system support, inflammation reduction and re-hydration.

The unique formula of Recovery Accelerator features an innovative blend of synergistic plant-based ingredients, specifically selected to: replenish energy and electrolytes, reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pain, support immune system and protein synthesis, and reduce recovery time between training.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator also features a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, a combination shown to increase muscle glycogen re-synthesis – a crucial component of post-workout recovery.

What’s in it: Yellow pea and sprouted whole grain brown rice protein, glucosamine,  l-arginine, American ginseng, organic maca root and devil’s claw.

VegaSport Image and water bottle
Waiting for me post run.

What’s not in it: Dairy, gluten, soy products, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners.
My take: Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator provides quality and convenient recovery support.
I received a 12 packet box of the Tropical flavor and have been using it for almost a week during a busy push period.  Work is going full tilt (yay) and the family schedule is packed with end of school year events.  My workout regimen is focused on acclimating to the summer heat, building strength and speed with running, walking and weight training workouts (including several two-a-day morning and pm workout sessions). With so much going on, recovery help is welcomed and needed.
The taste and formulation is lovely. Light and not too sweet.  The viscosity is not as thin as electrolyte type drinks (like Gatorade) but it is also not as particulate heavy as my standard protein recovery mix (that I doctor up in a smoothie to make it enjoyable). This product doesn’t need doctoring. Immediately after cool down, I grab my water bottle, pour in the Recovery Accelerator packet, shake it up and drink it down – re-hydrating and feeding the recovery process during my stretch. So convenient – which helps me be more consistent.
Re the affects… crazy schedule, six days, a few late nights and eight workouts while using the product – I must say I am good and tired. It’s not the ‘I can’t get out of bed’ or ‘I want/need to skip a workout’ or ‘you better leave me alone’ tired.   At the end of the day, I feel that ‘body-thanks-you/Wow I accomplished a lot today’ tired.  I’ve felt strong in all but 1 of the workouts, my sleep is sound and I have not iced this week (even after two hill workouts) and soreness has been minimal.  Good stuff.   I’m pretty pleased and with a Ragnar Relay rapidly approaching, I’m gonna keep going with the product.
What actions or products are helpful adds to your recovery process?

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