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When exercising, I don’t glisten, or glow. I sweat… a lot… most profusely about the head and neck.

I don’t like the feel of sweat running down my face, the sting of sweat in my eyes or the cost of replacing shorted out head buds …(yep – it’s like that).

I’ve tried hats and all kinds of sweat wicking headbands and the sweat just runs under and thru them.  My cumbersome and not cute solution has been to wipe sweat from my face using a golf towel clipped to my running belt…until The Handana.

Handana image

The Handana is a hand worn, high performance sports sweatband.  From their website:

Handana® is a better way to beat the sweat! Our reinvented sports wristbands are made of soft, durable, Supplex Lycra fabric allowing you to wipe and wick away sweat and nasal drip that’s getting in the way of your activities.

I found it during a website search. The look and promise of performance caught my eye, but the story behind the product got me.

Handana was created by Katie Niemeyer – a wife, mom, nurse, marathoner and Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) survivor.  SJS is a rare severe allergic drug reaction that causes the skin to severely blister and literally slough off.  At the age of 16, SJS left Katie covered from head to toe with painful blisters that developed into 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Katie was hospitalized in the burn unit for three weeks, she was unable to eat, was temporarily blinded, and her parents were told she would die. (More about her story). 

With quality medical care and a fighting spirit, Katie miraculously recovered.  Later in life she took up running. Scarring from SJS left her eyes highly sensitive and the extreme pain caused when sweat dripped into them made running (in Texas heat) very challenging.  In 2012 while training for her first marathon, Katie needed a solution and she created the Handana.

Katie’s passion extends beyond the promotion of this helpful product to active advocacy for SJS. She’s making a difference.

I was excited to receive a Handana to review. (Seeing I’m from Gtr Baton Rouge, Katie thoughtfully selected one in LSU colors – smile!)

Handana in Package Image

I’ve had my Handana for a few months, have used it dozens of times and ABSOLUTELY LUV IT!

  • It slips on easily and leaves your fingers free.

  • It has a comfy and natural feel. I’ve used it while running, cycling and taking mat classes like Pilates and Barre.
  • It works! The fabric performs beautifully. It efficiently wipes sweat away, and doesn’t feel soggy against my hand after a long run.
  • It’s well made. After much use and laundering, my Handana still looks and performs like new.
  • It’s attractive.  The Handana is available in 5 sizes, and 20 colors combinations –  from solid standard colors to bright and fun two toned versions (so you can coordinate with your outfit).
The Handana is a quality product that meets a definite need and raises awareness for an important cause.

For more information or to purchase, go to The Handana website.

For more information about SJS, visit the Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation website.

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