A negative split occurs when one performs faster/stronger in the second half of a journey than the first half.

This term is most often used in the world of running, but the concept can applied to almost any journey towards a goal in our lives.

The opposite approach is very common. (If you’ve not done it – you’ve definitely seen it.) A person sets a bright-n -shiny, highly desired goal. Full of excitement they fire off the block, hit it hard with full focus, force and energy.  Then, somewhere along the line, something happens. Fatigue sets in, motivation wanes, obstacles appear, focus changes… and the full-force progression ebbs.  They slow down, start to struggle and possibly quit. 

With a negative split focus toward the goal, instead of starting fast – you hold back a bit for the first 20-50% of the journey, building endurance and pace along the way. The end result is a strong finish.

The first half of 2014 is gone.  

Look at your journey these past 6 months. What goal are you working towards? Has your progress been strong and steady?  

If yes, praise God and bravo to you! That consistency has given your strength and endurance. Use the last half of this year to build upon that progress.

If the look back shows stagnation, stumbles or stops… that’s ok.  Thank God and bravo to you – you made it thru!  Look at what you learned and frame any setbacks as the setup for a strong finish.

What area of growth has the Lord has laid on your heart this year? (Spiritual, financial, physical, professional, relational etc.)  

The second half of 2014 is here.  

Press on to the goal. Pray, plan and purpose to negative split and finish this year strong. 

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