Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 46. Wooop! Wooop!

God blessed me to see another year and I’m so grateful.
That said, I’m not big on celebrating my birthday. Usually, I go about the day like any other day, with the exception of gratefully accepting well wishes, getting a few presents (always nice) and enjoying a piece of birthday cake.

It may be that I’m getting closer and closer to 50, but this year, I wanted to do something more to mark the day.  So after going to work with my mall walking group in the morning, I went out for a comfortable 4.6 mile run.

The weather was exquisite and being the day before Thanksgiving, the path was very quiet. It was wonderful alone time to pray and think and move and sweat.

After the run, I made a quick fruit stand stop to pick up produce needed for Thanksgiving dinner.  I went home to clean up a bit, change and have my birthday lunch – a  peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana. Then I hopped on my bike for a 46 mile ride.

Prior to yesterday, the longest ride I had completed was about 15 miles so this birthday distance goal was a stretch. Mentally, I broke the distance into  4 – 10.5 mile segments.  Each segment could be covered in 5 out and backs along the length of the street in front of our house. My husband was out clearing leaves from our property so I’d get a thumbs up or hoot each time I passed. At the completion of 10+ mile segment, I’d pit stop at the house to refuel (I’m not skilled enough to eat while riding).  Then I’d detour into the back roads behind our subdivision for a 3 mile change of scenery, and return to the laps.

This worked well for the first 2 cycles.  Around mile 30 it started to get dark. I pulled into the house to put on a reflective vest and head lamp then back to the streets for another 2 miles alone.  Our town is not very biker friendly and concerned for my safety, my husband and kids followed me in the car for another 5 miles.  At this point my phone battery expired (dang Samsung Galaxy) and my Garmin beeped low battery. The temperature had dropped considerably, my toes and fingers were numb and I was having a hard time seeing the bumps and grooves in the road. When visions of falling and knocking out my front teeth entered my head I knew I’d had enough.

Deferred but not deterred, I rode the bike into the garage, waddled to my car, drove to the Y, got on a stationary bike and finished the last 45 minutes of riding needed to hit my 46 mile total in climate controlled, tv entertained comfort.  (Relative comfort – my legs were screaming!)

My tentative plan was to add a 460 meter swim after the ride for a birthday triathlon, but it was too late and my family was home waiting.  The birthday quasi-duathlon was perfect for today.

Leaving the Y, I stopped at Albertsons to get another forgotten item needed for Thanksgiving dinner (I’m getting more forgetful with age).  While waiting in line, I stretched my quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and ankles. Yes, some people looked at me like I was crazy.  No, I didn’t care.

By the time I got home, my husband and kids were in their pj’s, and a hot shower, mug of warm Honeycrisp apple cider, and cup of my favorite chili were waiting for me. I showered, ate a bit and joined my family for a birthday pajama party. (Term created by our baby girl.)

Birthday Cake

And I had cake.
With ice-cream.

I thank God for life, health, family, friends, favor and for the safety and strength to complete this birthday TempleCare celebration. It was a wonderful birthday.

PS.  This morning I woke with another birthday present – DOMS.  Thankfully, after an hour or so moving around, this gift was gone.

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