Disclosure:  I received two bottles of WIN Sports Detergent for this review. The opinions in this post are honest, my own and I only support/recommend products I believe are helpful. This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I receive a small commission. 

I live in hot and humid Louisiana, workout regularly and when doing so, I sweat –  a lot.


Add to the mix activewear from my husband and son, and every week, a large aromatic hamper of sweated clothing appears.  A friend who trains firemen calls the aroma of such items ‘the smell of success’.  I call it ‘stank’ and separate those items for special cleaning.

Stank clothes picture

I’m sure many can relate to the challenge of removing the smell from performance or technical wear.  Here’s the why: Technical wear is made from synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture and regulate heat.  Unfortunately, they also attract and hold oils from your skin and thus can hold odor. Standard laundry detergents aren’t designed for these synthetic fabrics.  Instead of cleaning properly, supermarket detergents tend to coat/cover the fibers locking in odor and degrading the performance of the material. 

WIN Sports detergent is specifically designed to remove the oils, residue and bacteria from performance materials that cause odor. This not only gets and keeps your athletic wear smelling fresh – it also helps preserve the material.

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I have used WIN Detergent for the past month – 2 capfuls per workout clothing load in my standard top loading washing machine.  Here’s my take:

  • Works well – The product does a good job removing odor from performance wear as promised.
  • Smells fresh- My preference is WIN Blue – it has a very slight, clean fragrance (not perfumey at all).


  • Bottle design – The outer cap used for measuring has to be cleaned before placing back on the bottle or set aside. It doesn’t have a reservoir like the supermarket brands to catch extra product. 
  • Availability – This specialty product is not available in most retailers.  Unless it is stocked by an athletic store in your area, the best/easiest way to get it is from Amazon. (Free shipping if you are an Amazon prime member.)


  • I found the odor removal in natural fiber items was not as effective. My first load had 2 cotton pieces mixed in and they were not as fresh. Considering the formulation of the product (for synthetic materials), I guess this makes sense. Going forward, I will sort by fabrication and use WIN for performance wear as designed – not just clothing I sweated in…


  • Performance wear is not inexpensive.  In this testing, I learned about the function and proper care of their special fabrications. Using a product that is designed to help extend the life and usefulness of these garments is a nice feel good bonus.

Want to give the product a try? 

Use these links for WINBLUE and WIN Green (unscented and dye free).  Promo code WINGIVE1 will give you $1 off. WIN Detergent is also available in a 4 pack unit for a special price.

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Love to hear your thoughts about the product and please help spread the freshness (smile)… share this with others who sweat hard.

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