The last week or so I partook in the holiday hullabaloo – running myself  ragged and allowing moderation to meander into mindless indulgence. 
I imagine my confused body cussing me out because I felt like crud. Sluggish, bloated, and was up almost 5 lbs on the scale yesterday morning. Errrrrrrrrkkk!
I came back to myself with one hour of moderate exercise, light meals of highly nourishing foods and 9 hours of good GOOD sleep.
This morning, I imagine my body saying “Thank you girl” because I feel golden with zero interest in nutrition-less holiday foods. I feel energetic and the scale was back down 5.8 lbs.
Reminders to self:
  • Mindfulness is key to moderation.
  • Eat crapfeel crappy does not have an ‘unless it’s holiday crap’ exclusion.
  • Gluttony is not fun, nor is it in any way an appropriate expression of the Joy of the season.

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