Elaine Doll-Dunn has 7 children, 20 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

She has completed 125 marathons since she started running at the age of 40… 37 years ago.

This gorgeous woman is 77 years old.

Post age 58 she’s been busy…

  • climbing Mt Kilimanjaro
  • running from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean (60 miles across Panama in one day to celebrate her 60 birthday);
  • winning the title of Mrs South Dakota (at age 61 when the median age for of the contestants in the pageant was 30) 
  • writing four books
  • earning her  PhD of Philosophy… the list goes on.

She’s also a mentor, motivational speaker, cancer survivor and one of the most witty, energetic, engaging and encouraging women I’ve encountered.

I met Dr. Elaine Dunn at the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon expo last week.  She is the event director of the Leading Ladies’ Marathon – an all women, mostly down-hill USATF certified Boston qualifying course through the scenic Black Hills of Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota.

Img src: Gary Biggs – Western Gold and spearfish.com

I’m really excited about this event! The race tagline is “The Race, the Place, the Pace… For Women Who Dare“, and the packet pickup/expo event the night before the event is defined as a time to Meet your sisters in soul and spirit.  Yes indeed!  An intention of this event is to connect, inspire and empower women.

I ran into a 50 States Marathon Club member at the expo who raved on and on about this event.  This woman has run several hundred marathons and she said Leading Ladies ranks in her top 3 due to the scenery, course and amazing people.  I’ve never raced out west and had something in Vegas on my radar –  but this race is calling my name.  Not just because of the negative hill factor, Thomas Kincade-like beauty and gorgeous weather – I’m looking forward to the vibe and inspiration from the positive and progressive women.

I also worked the expo last week for Tell It Tee and had a few opportunities that day to connect with Elaine.  Each conversation left me hootin’, thinking and thanking God.

Hootin’ because Elaine is plain out hilarious!  I imagine her speaking engagements are wonderful.

Thinking because Elaine openly shared from her interesting life and experiences. Her example and encouragement makes anyone with open ears/heart/mind question the possibility of assumed impossibilities in their life.  (Raising hand as that would be me…)

Thanking God for the confirmation of my priorities and a boost of energy and excitement to keep doing what I do. 

Want to be inspired?  Check out Dr Elaine Doll-Dunn’s website at http://www.edollgottarun.com/ and the Leading Ladies’ Marathon at http://leadingladiesmarathon.com/

Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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