Angela Stewart knows and loves food.  As owner and operator of a restaurant and catering business, her thoughts and hands are on food almost constantly.  Good-old, down-home soul food is her specialty. Her establishment, The Caféin Cortana Mall, serves up eats like seasoned mustard greens, sweet peas, candied yams, sweet buttered corn, homemade creamy potato salad, seafood gumbo, shrimp etouffee, jambalaya, fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried catfish…  {Pardon me… I needed a moment.}

These well-known and well-loved foods are not at of the top of the healthy food list. Now imagine being around these foods for 12+ hours a day almost everyday.  This is a sho-nuff challenge to healthful habits.  Angela Stewart rises to the challenge.
An insulin dependent diabetic, Angela didn’t let her environment and crazy busy schedule keep her from making healthy moves.  Over the past year, she has gone from 237 lbs and a size 22 to a size 12 at 196. 
Fantastic!  Angela credits her steady, gradual loss of 41 pounds to moderation in eating saying “I don’t deny myself, I moderate my food choices.”  She also connects her reduced weight and high energy to consistent mall walking. I met Angela before the mall opened  as I headed in for my walking group.  Angela shared that she comes in early and cooks for about 3 hours, then takes a break and hits the mall route for 3.6 miles of power walking.  “It depends how you do it.”  Angela stated. “Each lap is 1.2 miles and you can walk it leisurely or power walk it.  I hit it.” 
3-5 times per week, Angela knocks out a 5k plus some. At her place of work. On top of an 10-12 hour workday.   Realizing exercise is a key component for the management of diabetes, she fits it in and gets it done.  Way to make things happen!
What aspect of your environment or schedule makes exercise a challenge for you?
How can you (or have you) overcome it?  
Share and shine like Angela. Your challenge/experience may help someone.
Check out The Café or Angela’s catering services at justcallthecaterer.net
Check out our indoor walking group at my SilverSneakersofferings blog post.

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