Day 2

NMJ before run
Not pretty!
I felt about as beat down as I looked.

It is the first day back to school/work routine after the holidays and I could have slept till 9. After dropping the kids off at school, I wanted to hit the bed instead of the street. I did not want to run.

NMJ After Run
Still not pretty!
But I’m smiling.

Repeated the same timed run from yesterday. Beautiful clear skies, Pandora’s Kool and the Gang station playing in my ears. Tried to keep the same pace but ran 45 sec/mile faster and it felt wonderful.  Like the Hand of God was on my back pushing me along.

Next, a round of weights and stretching.

Lesson/reminder from today.
Often something lovely awaits on the other side of “I don’t want to”.
Do it anyway.

Other Lessons along the journey

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