Day 3
I’m almost finished with Jodi Picout’s Handle with Care, a book centered around a little girl born with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a genetic disorder that makes bones fragile to the point that a fall, a wrong turn – even a cough can cause a break.  The little girl in this story at the age of 6 has had over 50 bone breaks and other OI complications including curved bones, scoliosis, brittle teeth and stunted growth. The author skillfully details the extreme challenges this child and her family face managing her condition.

Via facebook, I received a request to send an ecard to a little boy who is going back and forth from ICU and whose main hope is getting well enough to be home for Christmas.

Via direct message, word came that a dear church member’s father passed onto glory this morning and via text message, a client shared of the unexpected loss of a friend.

My mind, heart and prayers have been with these families and all who are affected by illness and bereavement. In lifting them up I was reminded:

  • No day is promised. 
  • No matter our challenge, someone/somewhere is dealing with something greater.  
  • These fearfully and wonderfully made bodies won’t last always. 
  • Every day, every moment of health and strength is a gift – not to be taken for granted.
  • Regardless of what is going on God knows, God cares, God is in control and worthy of praise.

Today’s workout schedule was leading an exercise session at my church followed by my 3rd short timed run of the week. I’m grateful for the ability to move and give God praise for every stretch, every step, every breath.


Other Lessons along the journey

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