Day 4
Yesterday, I was blessed to spend the morning exercising: Mall walking with my Silver Sneakers Flex group followed by an amazing Pilates class at the Manship YMCA.
Pilates block ball and mat
Seemingly innocuous Pilates tools of torture
That block of foam and little bouncy ball do not play. When Rachel tells the class to pull out the toys… I get scared. LOL. There’s a difference between good pain and bad pain and the small focused moves of Pilates hurt so good. During the last moments of an exercise when muscle fatigue hits and the struggle to hold form becomes real,  Rachel urges”Mind over matter! Mind over matter!” That stuck with me. 
After Pilates, I knocked out my 4th short timed run of the week. Note to self: Pilates after run…not before.  This was hard. Mind over matter

Both these activities were not over-the-top beast mode stuff. They were challenging but in a focused and highly purposeful way. I felt my mind working almost as much as my body. The intense focus on form, contracting, breath and pace was… intense.
Lesson/reminder for the day:
Don’t under estimate the role of the brain in exercise performance. Strong mind can lead to a strong body.

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