I’ve gone meatless on Monday for the past few months and have been asked to share what I eat on those days.

With a thrill, today I threw out the scavenged turkey carcass from Thanksgiving and thankfully enjoyed the following:

Vanilla Shakeology with a banana and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It was 76 degrees today so this hit the spot.

Late Lunch:
Qdoba’s Kid’s Meal of a grilled veggie naked burrito bowl with black beans, pinto beans, Habanerno salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, cilantro, cheese and light sour cream.  Added side of chips and salsa.  This is one of my go to meatless meals when I am out.  Super filling and flavorful.

This was the highlight of my meals today. A quick throw together of two new food finds.

Every week, I run thru SAM’s for a huge container of baby kale mixed greens and bag of fresh broccoli.  Today, all the containers had an expiration date of tomorrow so I moseyed further down that aisle and spied this Eat Smart Sweet Kale Salad Kit.  The bag has shaved brussel sprouts and cabbage, chopped kale and julienned broccoli stalks.  Also included is a little bag of chicory dried cranberries, roasted pumpkin seeds and a packet of poppyseed dressing. 7 superfoods for $2.48 per bag.  (Each bag serves 4 – or 2 Nettye salad servings . 
The empanadas are from Target. I picked them up from the freezer clearance section during a sale. The box of 2 was $1.98.  They are buenSABOR brand, all natural and filled with sweet plantain and cheese. About 17 mins in a 375 degree oven and this was my dinner.

The salad was crisp, crunchy and sweet. But those empanadas… they made my toes curl.  The sweetness of the plantains was balanced with the tang and creaminess of a blend of sharp cheddar, monterey jack and gorgonzola. Decadent at 180 cals per empanada.  Gonna keep these in my freezer.

So often, we hear that feeding our bodies fast food or junk is less expensive and more convenient than real food.  Both of these items are convenience foods. The cost of food on my plate was $3.22 and excluding the 17 min bake time, it took me 2 mins tops to put this meal together. Cost effective, time efficient good food that is also good for you exists.

We find what we look for.


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