Eat Your Greens!
   Grandmother was right. 
Greens do your body good.  Real good.
ANDI, (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index), is a scoring system that rates foods on a scale from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content. The number takes many measures into account including vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidant capacities.  The higher the number, the better the food is for you.  
Well, Mustard, Turnip, and Collard Greens top the list with a score of 1000. (Ranks right up there with Kale, Swiss Chard and Watercress). 
Growing up, greens were on the our dinner table regularly (and growing in our backyard most of the year as well).  Mush a bowl of greens (the bowl is needed for the pot liquor) with some cornbread, add a few dashes of hot sauce or a cut up hot pepper and it is on!
A few adjustments can help.  To keep this healthy food healthy, go light or omit the fatty pork and bacon drippings when cooking. Try using broth, spices, and/or smoked turkey instead for flavoring.
Need ideas?  Check out these healthy collard recipes:

SmokyCollard Greens from Whole Foods
What is your favorite Southern Style leafy green (I adore Mustards).
How do you prepare them?
For more information see the ANDI guide
Image source: foodnetwork

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