Well, Baby Girl finally persuaded me to let her skip the Momma-convenient, hot school lunch and be a bag luncher. Sigh…
Do you ever have those “its one more thing for my list” thoughts when your kids ask for something? That was me. Our mornings are already rushed and adding one more to-do to the routine was less than appealing. Now that we have started, the extra time helping her plan and pack her meal is time well spent.
First, it provides teachable moments re food choices.  Thankfully our kids enjoy nutritious foods but the reminders about balance, portions, ‘sometime foods’ etc is beneficial.
Second, since she picks it and packs it, there is a higher chance she will actually eat it.  Yay! At Lunch with Your Child day at school, we (parents) sat in amazement at the amount of food that was thrown away. Very few children eat their meals. I checked with the teacher and what we saw was typical. My kids are great eaters at home but at school, unless it is one of their favorites, they just pick around the plate.  I see why they often come home ravenous for a snack.  With lunch in her belly instead of the trash, it will be interesting to see if her attention span in the afternoon is affected.
Selfishly, I’m seeing a third benefit. After packing Baby Girl’s lunch, I throw together a Momma snack pack to keep in the car. Now there is no need to stop, (or worse – drive thru), somewhere when I get a bit hungry. Nourishment is on hand as I rip and run during the day. This will be good for my body and budget.
I wish I’d listened to Baby Girl a while ago.
What small change or investment in time can you make to benefit your day?

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