It is mid May and the garden progress is fair at best.

Two weeks ago severe storms came through dropping a lot of rain for several days. Drainage is not great and our garden soaked and sweltered.  This was not a problem for the established perennials, but our new plantings took a hit.

For example, the day lillies, (near impossible to kill), broke out in bloom.

I think the orange variety is my favorite. 

On the flip side, the three dozen African IcePlants recently planted in the front bed didn’t make it. I was bummed as they were to be a full flowering ground cover, needed to hide/smother out the weeds in the beds facing the street. Thankfully, I purchased them from QVC and they refunded the cost (luv their customer service).

Post storm, all our new vegetable plantings looked beat down pitiful.  I thought about pulling and replanting so the spring season would not be a loss, but a busy schedule prevented that from happening.  Busy was a blessing, as some plants are rebounding. (Good life lesson here – post storm, things may look raggedy – but don’t be too quick to act. Things aren’t always as they seem.  It aint over till it is over.)

The tomato plants have tripled in size and are producing fruit.

See the first baby tomato…
Over the past two weeks the squash has died and resurrected three times.
It is trying…
The new basil and thyme are trying to take off as well.
I was able to cut and use some of both herbs in meals this week.
Some plants are up and growing, and others are down and dead. 
We are thankful for and enjoying what remains.  
What’s happening in your garden?

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