I regularly ask our kids for input on meals, and this is what our 6-year old wanted for lunch. 
Image of daughter's lunch bag
Sometimes she asks for a cookie or bag of chips and in it goes – we embrace moderation. More often than not, she wants a combo she calls a healthy lunchable.  I’m grateful to see her palate leans towards fruit and vegetables, and she likes a variety of foods on her plate.
The best part of this morning’s lunch packing came when she grabbed an apple, asked for a note card, and wrote a message for her teacher. The child was beaming as she said “I hope Mrs. Parker will love the apple and it will give her energy!”  She was excited about giving.
I beamed as well. Baby Girl gets that food is fuel. Healthy foods taste good and food is a gift. Beyond the health and food messages, this act showed me she thinks of others and knows it is a blessing to be a blessing.
That apple made my day!
Our children are always looking, listening and learning.
When we look and listen, we can learn from them as well.

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