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The temperatures in our area have been dangerously high.  With many more 100+° days to come, here are three cool, quick tips to help you stay safe and semi-comfortable.  
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1. Drink more water. It helps cool the body and ward off dehydration from increased sweating.

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2. Wear loose-fitting clothing made from lightweight cotton, linen or other natural fibers that breathe and absorb moisture.  Also choose light-colored clothing that reflects sunlight, (black and dark color absorb sun rays.)

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3. For quick relief, apply a cold compress or run cool water on your cooling points
These areas are on the head between the temple and ear, the neck, inside of elbows, the wrists, inner thighs, behind knees and the inside of ankles. 
Cooling towels make excellent cold compresses!  They hold the cold without being sopping wet.  I have about a half dozen for my family.  Many brands and options are available on amazon.  (Affiliate link to collection here.)
Lastly a request.  Please remember to check on senior family, friends and neighbors as the elderly are more susceptible to heat.

Stay cool and safe.

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