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Did y’all know Ms. Patti has a show on the Cooking Channel? Patti LaBelle’s Place.

On the episode I watched…

Guest Whoopi Goldberg walks in with her fork and knife in hand.
          Ms. Patti: “That’s ghetto.”

Whoopi says she doesn’t do kale. It the something for your meat to sit on.
Ms Patti makes a big pot of kale for her.
          Ms. Patti: “No. No. It’s not a decoration boo. It is substance.”

On bringing pots, an electric stovetop and cooking in hotel rooms:
         Ms. Patti: “I don’t do room service well. I do Patti LaBelle.”

On measuring:
         Ms. Patti: “People fuss too much and they measure too much….To your soul says that’s enough. It’s a soul measure. I measure with my soul. I’ve never made a pie …measuring anything. I don’t measure, I just make. I know when it’s right.”

She is so warm, kind, real and witty with her guests.

NJ picture

Patti LaBelle’s sayings and interactions are as good as her food looks.

 I want to go cook with Ms Patti!

 DVR add – done.

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