These daily posts show everything I eat and drink (excluding all the water).  This transparency brings accountability to me as I ‘cleanse’ from refined sugar. I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal ideas for you.

In my Monica voice – today was “just one of dem days”. 

Yesterday was challenging. Not food related challenging.  Life-related challenging.
I was concerned and consumed by a situation beyond my control. Thanks be to God I’ve learned to take issues to Him (instead of the pantry).  

Today was catch-up and my food choices were non-traditional but still in line with my food philosophy and refined sugar detox.

Here we go.  SMH


Yep. Peanuts. Two of those little containers of roasted salted peanuts. I was working, looked up and saw it was close to 11. Having to hit the road this is what I grabbed – along with my water bottle.

I attended a presentation from noon to 1:30.  Given that time frame one might expect lunch service. I did. There was none. So after the meeting, starvin like Marvin, I picked up ‘fast food’.

Fast food is typically fake food – but it doesn’t have to be.
This jamma is one of my favorites. Qdoba’s veggie kiddie burrito bowl (no rice, no cheese, no sour cream, double beans, add guac).

It is: 

Nutritionally balanced.

I also treated myself to a side of chips and salsa. More water and a large unsweetened mango peach tea.


I mentioned my meal choices today were kinda kooky.
Onion rings. Kale, chard and spinach with honey mustard dressing (mustard, honey, a touch of lite mayo thinned with a bit of water). 

BTW – the onion rings were not fried.  They look fried. Taste better than fried, but were cooked with hot air – not hot oil.  More on this next week.

I also ate six grapes (forgot to grab my camera first).

Busy day. Unusual day. Still a good day.

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