These daily posts show everything I eat and drink (excluding all the water).  This transparency brings accountability to me as I ‘cleanse’ from refined sugar. I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal ideas for you.

Today’s eats were a mix of old standbys and experimentation.

Tried n True Breakfast: Everything muffin. Water and unsweetened tea.

The ingredient list for this vegan muffin includes zucchini, apple, applesauce, date puree, banana, apple juice infused cranberries, walnuts, and almonds.  It is super moist and works for breakfast, snacks or dessert.  I adore these things. (Recipe is in my book.)

New Lunch: Vegan Baby Waldofy Salad

Earlier this week I picked up some classic vegan salad from the deli at Whole Foods Market. The plan was a sandwich, but I decided to Waldorfize it by mixing in sliced red grapes and walnuts and serving it on a bed of mixed greens (baby chard, baby spinach and baby kale).   Soooooooo good!

New Snack – Naan Crisps. Water

First time trying these. They were not as spicy as I’d anticipated and hoped – but pretty good.

Tried and True Snack – Popcorn

Yes. Again popcorn.

Newish dinner: Egg Surprise. Baked fries. Baked Onion Rings. Water. 

My husband and I agreed it was tasty – but I’m not sure what to call it. A souffle?  A quiche?  I’m testing a new appliance and mixed sauteed veggies, one egg, three egg whites, a blend of cheeses and some seasonings and convection baked in a ramekin. 

Not a bomb, not exactly a winner either…

A varied and filling day.

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