Garden Update

The past few weeks, we’ve taken our time clearing out the beds and planting for spring. I adore this time when we can enjoy ‘fruit’ from winter gardening labor.

Honestly, the labor was easy. Winter gardening is the bomb.

It is that small window of time in Louisiana when outside work is bearable because it is not hades hot. Maintenance is minimal as you don’t have to water as much, and weeds don’t thrive in the cold. Glory!

This was our first season growing carrots from seed.

Baby Girl was sooooo excited. I screeched with her.

These babies are pretty and pretty special. Possums chewed up most of our cabbage while they were growing. They are the lone survivors.

Carrots and some of the cabbage will go into a slaw for tomorrow’s lunch. It’s smothered cabbage and cornbread for dinner tonight.

I’m in a happy space. Connection to food is a beautiful thing.

What are you planting this season?

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