The Louisiana flood caused the removal of furnishings, fixtures, and finishings – allowing us to see the foundation and structure of our home.

The look at what lies beneath is telling.

In some ways, the flood brings a deep look at people (others and ourselves).

Equally telling…

Let’s talk about it. Click here or image below for more.

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The video mentions self-care and reaching out for help when you process trauma.  A wonderful resource is coming soon. Stay tuned for more information on Dealing with Trauma: The Flood of 2016. This workshop created and presented by Patsy Johnson, BACS-LCSW, CPM was designed to support individuals after the Flood of 2016. This workshop stresses the importance of making one’s emotional well-being a priority. It also defines stress and trauma and presents ways to manage stress from spiritual and practical perspectives. Note: This course is not designed to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.  

I’ve seen the content. It is powerful, and I believe this session will be a blessing to those dealing with or supporting people through trauma of any kind. If you are local and available, I hope to see you there.

Date/time/location details will be announced as soon as they are finalized. Check back here and make sure you are connected with me via your favorite social media channel (links below) for more information on this session and other helpful faith and fitness resources.

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Take care, God bless and be well.


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