NJ Food Log 1

These daily posts show everything I eat and drink (excluding water).  The accountability accelerates success as I adjust to a ‘new normal’ during this period of recovery from the Louisiana Flood.  I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal ideas and TempleCare Tips to help you care for your body during challenging times.

So, Friday, I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans.

The issue is – they were not skinny jeans. They were straight legged jeans. That fit like skinny jeans. Hecky hecky nawl!

Here’s the deal. Many of my lifestyle norms are not happening regularly as we live in post-flood flux (more in 9/26/16 post). The result is a jean fit that didn’t require the lay-on-the-bed-pliers-pull, (if you were a young female in the 80s you know of what I refer), but they were too snug for my physical and mental comfort.

So, I drew a line in the sand and started pictorially logging food intake for accountability. The logs will continue until I’m back to balance (and the straight legged jean fit).

Here are my eats for the day.



Popcorn with a bottle of GTS Kombucha


NJ Dinner 091916

Mexican salad bowl (lettuce, pinto beans, black beans, grilled onions, pico, quac, jalapenos, bbq sauce and salsa), chips, salsa and unsweet tea from Qdoba.


NJ Supper 091619

Applesauce and a bit of cake from the Loaves and Fishes Food Kitchen Ministry at Healthy Place Church in Denham.

TempleCare Tip: Eat like a kid

Restaurant portions are ridiculous. Multiple times what our body needs. I often skip the humongous entree portions and eat from the kid’s menu – ex. the bowl pictured is a Qdoba kid’s burrito bowl (made with lettuce as the base instead of rice). The portion size is appropriate, plus it is more cost effective.

Tuesday’s Eats

If you too need to draw a line in sand and bring balance back during shaky situations, check out TempleCare For Trying Times. Program starting soon.








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