2These daily posts show everything I eat and drink (excluding water).  The accountability accelerates success as I adjust to a ‘new normal’ during this period of recovery from the Louisiana Flood.  I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal ideas and TempleCare Tips to help you care for your body during challenging times.

After four weeks out, our children returned to school this week. Glory to God! Several schools in our parish took water in the flood, so schools are sharing campuses and operating on split schedules to accommodate the kids. One of our kids goes to school during regular hours. The other goes to a school farther out in the pm. Today was spent figuring out carpool details and running home repair errands, so food had to be ready to eat, grab and go fare.

Tuesday 9/20/16 eats



McDonald’s scrambled eggs and unsweet tea.



An assortment of items from the Whole Foods Market hot bar.  This plate was salad based with a bit of whatever hit my fancy. For #TrySomethingNewTuesday, I added a little pastry puff filled with cheese and spinach.


I was delicious!



Watermelon and a piece of garlic toast from the Loaves and Fishes Food Kitchen Ministry (my kids ate the spaghetti with meat sauce on my plate).  For the past week, we have been blessed by this ministry outreach of Christian Aid Ministries (CAM).

Christian Aid Ministries (CAM)

From their website: “CAM is an Amish Mennonite organization that strives to be a trustworthy and efficient channel for the church to minister to physical and spiritual needs around the world.” CAM Crisis Relief Services deploy after natural disasters to provide free labor to help communities rebuild. Their Loaves and Fishes Food Kitchen Ministry serves hot meals to those affected.  CAM arrived in Denham Springs immediately after the flood. They have provided free breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for weeks. I enjoyed talking with them – learning about their mission and the structure of their ministry. The meals were simple, balanced, and portions were appropriate. Their love of God and care for people is beautiful.

Since my children ate the pasta from my Loaves plate, later that evening, I had a enhanced frozen dinner.


Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers – Sweet & Spicy Asian-Style Noodle Bowl:  This one has Udon noodles, organic edamame and mixed veggies. I added some tofurkey.  The meal was decent.

TempleCare Tip: ‘Beef’ up salads with whole grains

To add heft and satiety to a salad, toss in some whole grains. My favorite salad grain is quinoa.  1/4 to 1/2 a cup will add texture, fiber, vitamins, and protein to your tossed greens.

Wednesday’s Eats

TempleCare For Trying Times program starting soon. It includes simple, strategic steps to balance body and soul in busy times.




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