So. Last night I carved out some precious pm time and drove across town to Pilates class. Unfortunately, I hit traffic and was too late to be admitted. Needing a good workout, I stuck around, rode the stationary bike for a bit and tipped into the next class – Hip Hop Aerobics.

The music was contemporary but clean and bumpin!

I love dancing, and in my mind’s eye, my get down was just a touch off Janet in her Rhythm Nation video…

Y’all – what my real eyes saw in the mirrored walls of the studio was more like Whitney in this video.

Ok. That was not Whitney in the clip, (it’s a Whitney parody from In Living Color) – but that was pretty much me in class.

The look in the mirror told the truth.

My body does not understand hip hop movements. At times it looked like I was fighting the air and if the class was full, I’d have been bumping into folks.

I’m enthusiastic and a good sport so I gave it a solid try for 45 minutes. But laughs aside, the time was not well spent.

I didn’t get a good workout because instead of executing purposeful movements, I was bumbling and stumbling around trying to figure out the movements and keep up with the instructor.

I didn’t even break a sweat (which happens every time I workout – and as of late even while sitting still – but that is another post).

My lessons: Dancewise – I’m gonna take a pass on Hip Hop and dance all over my lane (late 80s/90s moves with a peppering of Beyonce-lite). Group exercise classwise – I’ll be sure to make it on time to Pilates.

There are bigger lessons from yesterday’s outing.

How often do we invest time, energy and effort into activities that truly don’t benefit us?

Let that sit for a moment.

We may have the best of intentions and be busy as a bee – but if what we are doing doesn’t fit us, our makeup, our needs or abilities – it won’t progress us towards our goals.

Sometimes a good look in a big mirror is needed for us to see ourselves. Not what we think is happening, but what is really going on.

Reality helps redirection.

We all can benefit from a good look at the things that really matter in our lives – to see where we are and compare that to where God wants us to be. Where there is misalignment, we must prayerfully and purposefully adjust.

This is just what we will do at our upcoming Purpose Planning Session. In this small group working session, we will dig in and explore our life balance, priorities, and outline daily disciplines to help us live our God-given purpose.

If you are tired of stumbling around your goals and desire to connect with women focused on knowing and living the will of God for their lives – join us Saturday, February 11th from 10 am to noon at la Madeleine Country French Café on Jefferson in Baton Rouge.

Space is limited, and preregistration is required. Go to nettyejohnson.com/purpose for more information and to secure your spot before the doors close.

Hope to see you there.

Take care, God bless and be well.

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