Shout out to the ballers! I adore the exercise ball.


Image source Shape.com

It’s an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment that can help flatten your abs, tighten your but, and bring gains in balance, strength, and flexibility. Our kids have a ball playing on it, and I’m seriously considering using the ball as my office chair.

Image source comfyoffices.com

Do you have an exercise ball? If so, what ball moves are regulars in your workouts?
Check out these exercises from Fitness magazine, give em a try and let me know what you think after a few sessions.

FitnessMagazine Ball Exercises

(BTW – the first line of that linked article describes me to a tee!)

Don’t have a ball – get you one!  When selecting your ball, size matters. A ball that is too small or too large can hinder your alignment. Check out these tips for sizing your ball.




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