The news and images of hurricane damage and flooding in Texas and Western Louisiana are touching.

Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Folks in my neck of the woods know too well what they are going through having experienced the Great Louisiana flood in 2016.

Please join me in prayer and help for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
God is able. He hears and answers prayers and He often works through people.

Let’s be God’s hand of help.

The Red Cross was a blessing to my family and community after the Louisiana flood last year. They came to our neighborhood multiple times a day for weeks with hot meals and cold drinks for residents and workers when our city was digging out of sludge, and all restaurants in the city were closed, and no one had kitchens or anything to prepare meals while we worked. They were a caring and consistent help.
They also blessed my brother in law with supplies, funds, and assistance finding a place to stay when their house caught fire a few weeks after the flood when supplies and hotel space were scarce, and I didn’t have a home to take him in.

Based on what I lived – I donated to the American Red Cross Harvey fund and encourage others to do the same.

My donation to the Harvey support fund is in. Click here to send yours. Every bit helps.



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