Better than candy.

NJ Cherries Image
The tart/sweet nutrient dense cherry is packed with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, melatonin, and antioxidants. Cherries have health benefits linked to the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and inflammatory diseases.

Growing up, our next door neighbors had a cherry tree in their yard. I was a happy girl when the Nole kids invited us over to play, pick and eat from the tree.

When cherries are in season, I try to keep a bowl of cherries in the fridge so my family can snack on them at will. The tart pop of skin followed by the squish of cold sweet cherry flesh and juice… YUM!

I also like to use cherries as the fruit element in my seasonal salad. Here are a few other ideas. (Click images to go to recipes.)

Use cherries…

In a chicken salad – Cherry Chicken Salad by Caroline Edwards

Cherry Chicken Salad by Caroline Edwards

I’d replace the chicken with tofurkey.
In a smoothie – Coconut Cherry Smoothie by Martha Stewart

Coconut cherry smoothie by Martha Stewart


In an energy ball – Chocolate Cherry Walnut Energy Balls by Liz DellaCroce
 Chocolate Cherry Walnut by Energy Bites by Liz DellaCroce

In a sandwich – Cherry Basil Provolone Grilled Cheese by Lindsey Cotter
Cherry Grilled Cheese by Lindsey Cotter


And for balance, in a decadent dessert – Chocolate Chip Cherry Blondies by Averie Sunshine
Cherry Blondie by Averie Sunshine

What is your favorite use for cherries?

Happy healthy eating!

Reference – National Institute of Health

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