Can you believe January 2018 has come and gone! Time waits for no one, and I hope the start of this year has been great for you.

I realize I have not shared in a substantial way for quite some time. Postings on social media continued a few times a week (on my Instagram, and Facebook personal and business pages), and I’ve sent a few emails to Nettye’s News subscribers, but I haven’t done more because I just really couldn’t do more.

For those of you that know what has been going on, our family has had a tremendously rough year and a half, and the sum of it all hit me hard a few weeks ago.

I had to take a moment to honor the place that I was at, which was a difficult place.

I had to acknowledge that I was in the valley and walk (not run) through it with God.

So I sat (relatively) still and was (relatively) quiet. I thought, prayed and listened and three words were like laid on my heart to define this past year.

and Growth.

It was easier to talk it than write it, and the video shares more.

It shares about learnings from our recent walk.
It shares my thanks. Thanks to God and to all of you that have been His hands on earth. Your prayers, support, and encouragement have greatly blessed our family.
It also includes my three intentions for this year, a bit about our house status, and details about a few upcoming speaking/teaching events.

God is good, and all is well.

If you are experiencing tough times – keep your head and heart lifted. Leave me a comment or email me and I’ll pray for you.

Chat with you soon.  Take care, God bless and be well.

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