What’s a major 2018 takeaway you will carry into 2019?

A top of mind lesson I learned and lived in 2018:

It is hard to pour from a near-empty cup.

This year was an overdue and needed pullback from my standard ‘doing all the things’ MO. A reconsideration of and realignment with my priorities moved some people and projects off my calendar and mind. My yeses went from automatic to selective, and when needed, I got good at saying no without explanation or guilt. I let go of some ‘good’ things when God made it clear that season of my involvement was done.

In the margin created from these shifts, God blessed mightily.

My family is well. Our home is close to whole (so close….), and this year I strut into my 50th year of life more fit and feeling better than I did in my 20s.

God allowed me to continue to teach and speak, launch a podcast, create a new signature program, complete a health education degree (Summa Cum Laude ) and obtain health educator credentialing (with perfect scores in multiple competency areas on the national exam). God is so good!

He fixed and fortified the leaky cracks in my cup.
I enter 2019 grateful.
Excited and able to serve from the overflow.

What’s a major 2018 takeaway you will carry into 2019?

Take care, God bless, be well, and Happy New Year!

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