Excessive sedentary time has adverse health effects, and studies reported by the National Institutes of Health indicate US children are sedentary about 8 hours per day. (These are waking hours – not counting hours they are sleep).

Dollar to donuts many of the Christmas gifts our youth received encourage or increase sedentary time.

Let’s step up and take an active role in getting our youth up and active.

Make it a family affair. Exercise with your children.

Here are a few easy, enjoyable ideas:

Take a walk and explore your neighborhood and nature.

Go on a bike ride.

Play active games. Go old-school with some Red Light/ Green Light, Tag, Hopscotch, Double Dutch, Chinese Jump Rope, or Kick the Can.  

Put on some music and dance. 

Go school PE away from school with some calisthenics or sports (dodgeball!!!) . 

NJ Exercise with your kids

Or get some chores accomplished by engaging them in active work like serious house cleaning, snow shoveling, or the raking of leaves. 

What are some ways you get your kids active?

Set the intention and make it happen – together.

It’s good for everyone’s health.


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