Nettye Johnson Blog - In the Rain

In the rain.
One of my favorite childhood memories is a playful walk in the rain.

My mother and I were coming home from shopping at Sears and Roebucks on 79th during a light but steady cool fall Chicago shower.

I was about 7 and wore a Big Bird yellow rain coat with matching galoshes.
I searched out and stomped through every puddle in our path.
I kicked the water on the ground and ran around in circles with my head back and mouth open to catch water droplets that fell from the sky.

The walk home was only two blocks and should have taken about 10 minutes – but Momma didn’t rush me.
She let me frolick and wander, finding wonder in that simple rainy day.

Yesterday, I ran in the rain.
Sloshy step after sloshy step, I didn’t rush.
I slowed my mind to notice how each pelting drop felt, cooled and refreshed my skin.
I appreciated and enjoyed how crisp and clean the air smelled, like the rain washed the atmosphere.

I thought of that walk in the rain home from Sears.

I thought of my momma.

What simple thing or small memory brings you joy?



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