Change is not easy, but it is possible.

I thank God for change.

This was me. These pictures were taken during my young adult years (20s – mid 30s).

I wish I could say my look was  youth or baby weight.  The truth – it was from 3-piece Popeye’s meals, catfish plates, Krispy Kreme, and peach cobbler with Blue Bell.

I was on the path to high blood pressure and diabetes which predominates my family tree.

I wanted to change to improve my health and tried all the things. ALL THE THINGS.

I did the detoxes, drank the teas, joined clubs, groups, programs and challenges.  

I was almost always on the popular diet of the day, and I worked out a lot – yet, I was unable to attain or maintain a healthy weight.

With all the ups and downs, starts and stops, I felt frustrated, defeated, was wrecking my metabolism and making myself sick in my efforts to get well.

The struggle is real – but not necessary.

This is me. These pictures are more recent, taken in my early 40s through last month (age 50).

Thank God for change!

My path to change? Tired of struggling – I surrendered and applying the truth that “apart from God we can do nothing’,  I made the condition, size, and health of my body a God thing.

Slowly but surely God led me to find my fit (re food and exercise), and be more consistent in it.

I DON’T diet, or rely on detoxes, teas, or challenges anymore {Glory to God!} yet, I’ve attained and MAINTAINED my healthy weight. And today, as a certified health coach, degreed and credentialled health education specialist, I joyfully help others do the same.

In addition to the volumes of health helps and resources in my book, blog, podcast, and social media, I work with congregations, community groups, and one-on-one with individuals, providing curated science-based, faith-empowered education and coaching solutions that help people get unstuck and live in the body God designed.

If you need to change, want to change, are ready to change, and need some help – let’s connect.

Click here, provide your deets and we’ll be in touch.

God desires that we enjoy good health and that all may go well even as our soul is getting along well. (3 John 2 NIV). Our choices and actions can and should align with His desire.

You can do it! Let’s work together find your fit and fast track progress to your goals.

God bless and be well.

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