Work we enjoy is a gift from God. (see Eccl. 3:22 and 5:19)

Training and speaking is the work God gave me to do. I’m grateful for this gift. 

Last week’s work training leadership strategies took me to beautiful Maine and Massachusetts. 

Moose in Portland ME Airport

Moose in Portland ME Airport – It was HUGE!


Ogunquit, Maine

Saw many quaint towns like Ogunquit in Maine.

The weather was pleasantly cool (not cold), and the old town architecture and autumnal colored landscapes were lovely.

Topsham Maine

Topsham, Maine




This is a McDonald’s!

(Pictures don’t do it justice – we miss this visual change of season in the deep south). 

Lord willing, bookings this quarter will take me to cities in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, DC, and Puerto Rico. 

I praise God for the opportunity to share with great people across the nation. 

Traveling is not my jam, but facilitating the shifts in perspective/understanding, problem-solving, and strategic planning that happens in these sessions is. 

Last week one participant shared:

“Nettye Johnson made abstract leadership concepts understandable and relatable with great anecdotes, examples, and attendee involvement.”

Feedback from another:

“I’ve only known Nettye for 7 hours, and I would follow her into battle any day of the week! Her knowledge, personality, and overall aura are inspirational.”

I’m humbled and so grateful to God for the purpose, preparing, empowering, and positioning He grants me.

Do you love what you do? If not, what is your part? How can you get on the path to receive to receive the blessing of work you enjoy?

Pray about it. Think about it. Then take that first step.

Life is short and precious. Be in God’s purpose for you.

BTW – I am currently booking 2020 events and trainings.  Need a speaker to engage, educate and inspire your group? Let’s talk.  Email me at nettye@nettyejohnson.mystagingwebsite.com to discuss how I may support your group’s personal or professional development goals.

More about Nettye Johnson’s speaking services.

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